Charter of The International Phaleristics Association

The International Phaleristics Association is dedicated to the preservation and research of world Orders, Decorations, Medals, and Awards. The International Phaleristics Association, hereby referred to as IPA or The Association, will serve the phaleristic community digitally. It will be web based with the Association based in Anna, Texas, United States of America with all banking based there. There shall be a journal of the Association with scholarly articles of phaleristics published online every quarter. There shall be paid advertisements on the website. There shall be a forum for discussion of Orders, Decorations, Medals, Herby referred to as ODMs. There shall be two databases maintained, one of ODMs and one of phaleristic publications.

The IPA membership shall be free of charge except for the member sales section which will charge a fee of $25.00/year to sell ODMs. Knowingly selling fake ODMs as authentic shall be grounds for dismissal from the organization. Bullying and hate speech are grounds for dismissal from the organization.
IPA shall be governed by three (3) Officers; the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Director of the Treasury, Director of Operations, Director of International Affairs, and five (5) Directors-at-Large. The position descriptions are as follows:

1. President-

a. Oversee all operations of IPA. Preside over Board of Directors meetings and General membership meetings.

2. Vice President-

a. Assist President with overseeing all operations of IPA. Preside over Board of Director and General membership meetings when President not attending.

3. Secretary-

a. Maintains Membership Roster.

b. Write and distribute the agenda for the meetings.

c. Write and distribute the minutes of all meetings.

d. Call meeting to order and adjourn meeting.

e. Maintain all Association documents.

4. Treasurer-

a. Maintain the IPA financial record and bank account.

b. Provide the Board of Directors a monthly report on IPA finances.

c. Distribute IPA funds as needed for IPA business.

d. Provide an annual financial report to the general membership.

e. Provide IPA financial report annually to an auditor for analysis.

5. Director of Operations-

a. Sgt.-at-Arms for all meetings. Oversee Website maintenance, Oversee conventions/conferences, oversee journal editors.

6. Director of International Affairs-

a. Oversee diplomatic affairs

b. Develop and maintain relationships with phaleristic associations, advertisers and international community.

c. Provide the Board of Directors a monthly report on IPA finances.

7. Director of Advertising-

a. Oversee advertisements and advertisers.

The Board of Directors is a lifetime appointment unless removed for cause. This Charter may be amended by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Last updated 17 October 2022